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Attend the covenant of peony Build Luoyang’s cross-border trade e-commerce together

Publish Date:May.16,2017

           On April 15th 2017, Deep Blue Ecom Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd participated in the “The covenant of peony-Global cross-border industrial convergence summit”. The theme of the summit was “the new generation of cross border trade, the new e-commerce, the new industry landscape, integrating new opportunities”, using the “1+2” structure, outlining a one main forum and two topics for discussion.




Mr. Horace Mak, the general manager of Deep Blue Ecom Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, attended the summit as an important guest. Other guests who participated in this summit include Mayor of Luoyang: Mr. Wankang Liu, China’s WTO accession chief negotiator: Mr. Yongtu Long, Member of the National Education Advisory Committee: Ms. Yuling Ren, Director of China International Talent Exchange Foundation: Mr. Guangming Su; Director of the National Engineering Laboratory for electronic commerce trade: Mr. Yueting Chai, including the Directors of the Research Institute of information technology, Zhiqian Zhang, the Foreign embassy counselor, Henan and Luoyang municipal government leaders, key stakeholders of the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, taxation bureau and customs representatives, commodity inspection leaders, academia members, research institutions, Cross-border trade e-commerce enterprises, E-commerce Industrial Park representatives, e-commerce industry associations, and Logistics Park officials.



Firstly, Luoyang Municipal Committee and mayor of Luoyang Mr. Wankang Liu delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the host. He extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests, hoped that Luoyang would catch the great opportunity of The One Belt One Road initiative, and promoted the rapid development of the cross-border e-commerce supplier industry, relying on a good industry base.



China’s WTO chief negotiator, the former Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Operation, the former director and the Secretary General of Boao forum for Asia, the current Co-chair of the Global CEO Conference, chairman of the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) Yongtu Long, the world reknowned American expert Mark Howard Levine, the Director of National Engineering Laboratory of e-Commerce Transaction Technology, Qinghua University Professor Yueting Chai, members of the National Education Advisory Committee of State Council, former senior counselor, the ninth and tenth CPPCC Standing Committees, the famous economist Yuling Ren; and the Director of State Bureau of foreign experts Chinese International Talent Exchange Foundation, Guangming Su all shared their insights at the summit. They made suggestions for the development of Luoyang’s cross-border trade e-commerce on how to successfully land policies, technology, standards and talent recruitment.



The general manager of Deep Blue Ecom Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Mr. Horace Mak, China’s WTO accession chief negotiator, the former Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Operation Yongtu Long, Party Secretary of Luoyang urban and rural integration demonstration area Yulin Wang, and President of Dunhuang network Shutong Wang turned a round a crystal ball together, symbolizing the launch of the China cross-border electricity supplier integrated service platform to kick off the integrated service platform of Chinese Cross Border Trade e-Commerce. The kick off of this platform aims to:

1) Open up a new world for suppliers of Cross Border Trade e-Commerce to be rooted and develop in Luoyang,

2) Design an industry development blueprint,

3) Symbolize an important milestone of Deep Blue Ecom Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd’s Cross Border Trade Cloud Alliance “Hundred-City Alliance Plan”. Deep Blue Ecom Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd brings in cross border trade expertise and technology platform to Luoyang, becoming a catalyst for Luoyang to develop “Internet + Cross-border trade” quickly.



In the session of the forum, Mr. Horace Mak as the distinguished guest of the summit kicks off a new era for Luoyang. Together with Yongtu Long, Yueting Chai, Bingrui Shi, Yongjie Zhang, Executive vice president of Zhejiang External Talent Service Corporation Yan Qi, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of small and medium enterprises branch Tao Xian, offered their viewpoints on the new development opportunities that “The One Belt, One Road” national policy will bring to Luoyang, the advantages of Luoyang in the construction of “going out(export)” mode under the “The One Belt, One Road” banner. Mr. Horace Mak gave his professional opinion, guiding a unique way of Luoyang’s development in the big wave of cross border trade e-commerce. They all agreed that with the advancement of the national policy, Luoyang as a starting point of the Silk Road East and an important city of “The Belt and Road”, and will meet new development opportunities.

Finally, the summit witnessed the launch of the “China Cross-Border E-Commerce Integrated Service Platform”, the release of the “National Cross-Border E-Commerce r Industry Convergence Standards”, the unveiling ceremony of the “Central Plains: Beijing Tianjin Hebei SMART-TRADE Incubation and innovation Service Center”, the launch of the “Henan Cross Border Trade E-commerce SMART-TRADE Project”, successfully achieving the “One Platform, One Standard, One Center, One Project”. Sucessfully showcasing the theme and goal of the summit: “The covenant of peony-Global cross-border industrial convergence summit”.



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